Walking: Nature's Perfect Exercise (Downloadable PDF)

Walking: Nature's Perfect Exercise by Pamela Kihm
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(Downloadable E-book version) Based on the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education®, Pamela Kihm presents a number of fully illustrated lessons and exercises to reieve the stress and pain that can accompany extended periods of walking or standing, whether at work or at play. Learning how to walk smarter, not harder, the reader is taken through a series of lessons/exercises designed to develop "skeletal awareness," bringing consciousness and control to a hitherto unconsidered activity. By doing so, the reader can reduce the amount of energy consumed and the stress on joints and nerves that lead to pain and discomfort. The downloadable PDF file is enhanced with interactive Table of Contents and tips for navigating PDF e-books and is accessible as soon as payment is verified, which eliminates both wait time and shipping charges.

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