Stop Sciatica Now 3rd. ed. (Print version)

Stop Sciatica Now: Help Yourself Eliminate Back and Leg Pain by Pamela Kihm
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Newly redesigned and edited for clarity, this fully illustrated, award winning book of 38 lessons and exercises teaches the user how to move and live without back and leg pain from sciatica or other causes. Using ideas and concepts based on the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education, Pamela Kihm presents accessible, easy to understand exercises to gradually increase skeletal awareness. With this wider understanding, the user can make the daily adjustments that lead to being able to live without pain. The exercises are designed to be gentle and progressive over time, as pain-free in their execution as they are in their result. Ninety-six pages, 71 photos and line drawings, sewn and Perfect bound.

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